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In the category 'artworks and editions' you find selected uniques as well as a wide range of exclusive art editions in the form of original graphics and prints, photographies, statuary art, sculptures, and multiples. All multiplied objects are handsigned and numbered originals in small and limited editions. Thus, the availability of offered artworks in our gallery shop is limited and can be short-lived.
Our range contains highly diverse techniques and stylistic directions. Besides lithographs, we stock serigraphs, etchings, linocuts, embossed printings, and complex mixed techniques. The artistic style of the artworks and editions ranges from pop art prints to minimal art right up to the neoexpressionist or abstract editions of the highly sought after ZERO artists.
Trust is our most important good. We thus ensure the highest artistic quality possible, a flawless state, absolute authenticity, and fair prices. All artworks and editions are presented professionally and elaborately in our gallery shop. We want you to have the possibility to learn all precise details and to form a comprehensive opinion beforehand.