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Elvira Bach is one of the most successful contemporary artists in Germany. As an outstanding representative of the "Junge Wilde" she has been internationally known since the 1980s. After her studies at the Staatliche Glasfachschule in Hadamar, the artist moved to Berlin to study painting at the Universität der Künste. Today, the artist lives and works in Berlin.

Elvira Bach's artworks and editions focus on themes of femininity, beauty and her own identity. Her works are characterized by an expressive style with intense color, a striking formal language, and a multi-perspective and thus multifaceted view of the image of women. She combines aesthetics with strong statements and provokes with the visualization of opposites. She has been influencing the Berlin art scene for decades, constantly drawing new inspiration from the city's influences. In the early 1980s, Bach celebrated her international breakthrough by participating in Documenta 7. Today, her paintings and works are represented in numerous museums and private collections.

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