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About us

ARTEDIO is the new online gallery concept for contemporary art and editions of renowned artists and young up-and-coming talents. You can buy sought-after artworks and editions easily, safely and conventiently at our online shop.

During the past 10 years in which we have been working in the field of art trade, we had to ascertain that developing a sense for a reasonable price level and detecting artistic quality at the same time as well as estimating artworks and editions correctly as art collectors, lovers and interested buyers requires enormous detailed knowledge and experience. The reasons for this are diverse; besides the extent of the art market, it is due to information being shared unevenly and a high level of non-transparency.

This is where we would like to begin. Our aim is to trace and collect outstanding artworks out of a very large offer of artworks and editions of different price levels and quality. For this purpose, we take our time to observe the art market and to follow exhibitions, fundamental trends and market developments.

In the course of the years, we have been able to build up an international network of reliable partners ranging from established galleries to institutions, foundations, art associations and big auction houses from which we acquire artworks and editions. Benefit from our excellent contacts to operators on the market and our long experience in the trade of contemporary art and art editions.

Selecting the offered artworks and editions, we pay great attention to the artistic quality of the offered artworks, low circulation, flawless state, a reasonable price level with a potential of an increase in value, and the unrestricted authenticity of all artworks.

All artworks carried together by us are checked elaborately by our experts, described in detail in our online gallery, and pictured professionally. We want you to have the possibility to find all information relevant for an art purchase easily, safely and fast in our online gallery.

We hope to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for you when purchasing contemporary art and editions and are here to help you personally with all aspects. We wish you an interesting stay in our new online gallery and hope you enjoy it.