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What does the name ARTEDIO mean?

The word creation ARTEDIO, pronounced ARTEDI:O, consists of the components ART and EDIO referring to the word ‘edition’. We are aiming for ARTEDIO to be the unique online gallery for contemporary art and editions.

What is the concept of ARTEDIO?

ARTEDIO’s concept is to make contemporary art, renowned artists’ and up-and-coming talents’ exclusive editions accessible to the broad public through the internet. The inhibition level of a stationary gallery does not apply here. All works can be examined and ordered easily, safely, and conveniently online from home or on the go with very few clicks. Thereby, we save costs for elaborate presences at exhibitions and gallery rooms in exclusive locations and can thus offer sought works and limited art editions at interesting conditions online.

How do I know whether an artwork is available?

Usually, all offered works are deliverable immediately and in stock. Should several buyers opt for the same artwork at almost the same time, the order goes in favour of the order reaching us first. After sending your order, we inform you about the receipt of the order, check availability, and then confirm your purchase.

Where do the artworks and editions originate from?

We have been cooperating with international art publishers for many years. These publishers, again, publish exclusive editions and works in direct cooperation with the artists. Furthermore, we have been able to establish a wide-ranging network of renowned gallery partners and art dealers who inform us about new works and editions. Additionally, we follow international art auctions and buy works as supplement for your stock in the international trading.

Do I get a certificate along with purchase?

We issue certificates that again include all information regarding the offered artwork for all offered artworks and editions.

How do I obtain further information on an artwork?

We describe all artworks comprehensively, photograph and illustrate them elaborately, and provide all relevant background information. Should you, however, have further questions, feel free to contact us.

Are all artworks originals?

All offered works are originals, either in the form of uniques, meaning single copies, or limited, handsigned and numbered editions.

Why would I buy art online?

Buying art online offers you a range of advantages opposite to a stationary art purchase in a gallery. The internet creates a high level of transparency due to its easy comparability of different offers and the unproblematic information research contrary to the art market marked by a non-transparency. You can benefit from this crucially. The easy comparison of different artworks, prices and number of copies enables you to select the ideal work for you.

Why are some artworks marked as price on request and I have to make an offer?

For some artworks we do not state prices. This might be due to the fact that some prices have highly increased recently. To prevent permanent updates on prices, we will let the customer know as soon as they are interested in an artwork and put down an offer. Another reason why we do not state prices is because an artwork from a limited edition can currently be out of stock. However, we assume to get access to the artwork of this edition through one of our partners. As all artworks are limited, we check on the basis of your offer, if we are able to get access to another exemplar through one of our partners, and if yes, at what price we can offer it to you.

Why can I put down an offer for certain artworks?

You have the possibility to put down an offer for some of the artworks of our range. As we often acquire artworks in high quantities, we have got a certain space in terms of pricing and are able to offer artworks on attractive terms. As soon as we received your offer, we will check it and either accept it, decline it, or submit a counter-offer.

How can I buy art at ARTEDIO?

Provided that your desired artwork is about an artwork whose price is shown and you do not have the option to put down an offer, you can add it to your cart easily and select your shipping address and preferred method of payment during the ordering process. Through the 'buy now' button you impart purchase to us. Should you prefer personal contact, we will gladly accept your order over the phone.

How can I pay?

You have got the option to choose between several secure methods of payment. Besides advance payment via remittance, you can currently pay through Paypal and creditcard.

How do we ship?

We ship in special packaging packed professionally and elaborately through our logistics partner DHL. On demand, we have put together further shipping information for you.

How long does it take until I obtain my artwork?

Please note that delivery of artworks to other countries than Germany can take up to one to three weeks. If you need further information we like to help you.

How do I get to know when I will obtain the consignment?

We will send you an e-mail containing the tracking number of your consignment as soon as your artwork is dispatched so you can check the status of your consignment online any time and estimate, when delivery will take place.

What can I do if I want to return an artwork?

Should you wish to return an artwork, you can do so up to 30 days after receipt of the artwork. Please get in touch with us to clarify the details regarding the return. Please note that an artwork’s value is crucially dependent on its state. We can thus only accept returns of flawlessly retained artworks. Those with visible traces of usage, fingerprints, can unfortunately not be accepted. After reacquiring a flawless artwork, we will refund you immediately.

An artwork that I am interested in is sold out, what can I do?

Should you be interested in an artwork that we marked as out of stock, we recommend you to get in touch with us. We will deal with your request and inform you as soon as an exemplar of the desired edition should be available. Alternatively, you have the option to follow our newsletter with reference to what you are interested in. In this way, you will get notifications in a timely manner if we can offer your desired artwork.

I would like to buy framed works, do you provide framing services?

All offered artworks on paper can be purchased framed. The framing partner we cooperate with crafts frames whose quality is suitable for galleries and museums. Transported by our partner's delivery vehicles, your artwork will be shipped to you cautiously. Please note that delivery regarding framed artworks can take up to three weeks.

I would like to equip my business premises with art. What can I do?

Should you consider equipping your business premises with art, get in touch with us. We will conceptualise together which art matches the character of your business and which art complements your business premises and philosophy best. We would like to help you in any way.

I am interested in an artwork, but I need time for consideration. Can I reserve artworks?

Should you need a couple of days for consideration before you decide to purchase a valuable artwork, we will reserve the desired artwork for an appropriate period of time. Just get in touch with us.

The colours in reality look different than on the PC, why is that?

Shades can sometimes be pictured differently on smartphones, tablets or monitors than they really appear. We apologise for any inconvenience, but this is something that defies our control. Technical settings on your devices, different light incidences and other factors can encourage this.

Can I view artworks locally or solely online?

If requested, we gladly present our artworks locally at our business premises and store rooms in Berlin. Please arrange an appointment with us. Unfortunately, we cannot present artworks if you did not arrange an appointment, as most of the works are stored in secured field warehouses.

I would like to sell an artwork. Does ARTEDIO buy?

Should you intend to sell an artwork of your collection and the artist is already part of our range, please get in touch with us. Flawless artworks with evidence of origin can possibly be of interest for us.