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Prices and bids

Hereinafter, we would like to inform you about the different forms of price options and pricing. Generally, we distinguish between three different options. Besides the option 'buy now', you have the possibility to send 'price proposals' for certain artworks. Furthermore, artworks can be indicated with 'price on request'.

Buy now

Artworks indicated with 'buy now' can be put into the shopping cart and can subsequently be bought online through the following checkout system by stating your preferred method of payment and the shipping address.

Price proposal

Artworks indicated with 'price proposal' give us a very limited margin of room for negotiation regarding the price. You can transmit the maximum ceiling amount that you are prepared to pay through the contact form that opens up by clicking on the button 'price proposal'. Your request will be processed by us immediately. After we have checked your proposal personally, you will receive a mail accepting your offer, rejecting it or making a counter offer.

Price on request

On demand, we will gladly inform you about the price of artworks indicated with 'price on request'. You can send us a request by clicking on the 'price request' button that will open a contact form. Your price request will immediately be processed by us personally. You will receive a mail containing the price and further information.

The fact that we are not able to state a price for some artworks can have different reasons. It might be that we no longer have the artwork at our premises. In this case we have to ask our publishing partner about the current price. Another reason may be massive price increases in the past so that we gladly transmit the current market price on demand.

Should you have any questions regarding prices, price proposals or bids, do not hesitate to contact us.

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