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You want to learn more about the artists whose original editions and works you can buy at our gallery shop online? On the following pages we have collected and edited detailed information and background knowledge for you. We would like to simplify your access to the artist’s artwork as well as give you the option of deepening the knowledge you already have.
In doing so, you find informative facts and knowledge about leading contemporary artists, who achieve premium prices at international art auctions, as well as insightful and worth-knowing facts about gripping newcomers of the scene - young artists whose positions are being established and who we are convinced of.
Besides basic information and biographies, we have collected schemata about former exhibitions for you. You find listings about in which museums and collections artists and their works are represented and get an insight into price developments and trends on the art market. We present selected artworks that we can offer you for sale and point to interesting links containing further content.