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Basic data

Moritz Schleime is a contemporary German artist. In his works, subjects such as destruction, death, emptiness and boredom become defining elements of his paintings. He confronts the viewer with the absurdities of everyday life and his view of the modern world.

  • Born: April 6, 1978
  • Place of birth: Berlin, Germany
  • Nationality: German
  • Studied at: painting and graphics at Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin
  • Teachers: Hanns Schimansky, Werner Liebmann, Katharina Grosse
  • Era: Contemporary art
  • Stilistic direction: figurative painting


Moritz Schleime was born in 1978 in Berlin-Köpenick. He is the son of the painter and filmmaker Cornelia Schleime. In 1984 he moved with her to West Berlin and studied painting and graphic arts at the Berlin-Weißensee Art Academy. Here he was a student of Hanns Schimansky and Werner Liebmann. 

Already during his studies he developed a distinctive style, characterized by powerful coloring and expressive figures. His art is often characterized by a combination of surrealism, abstraction and figuration. His works depict a mixture of dream worlds, personal memories, and social commentary. He uses a wide range of media and techniques, including painting, drawing, and collage.

Schleime has gained recognition both in Germany and internationally. His work has been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Today, the artist lives and works in Berlin and Leipzig. 



  • 11.11.2022 - 14.01.2023 Mamma Mia Amore Mio – Museum der Stadt Bensheim.
  • 03.10.2020 – 18.10.2020 Boxenstopp - KWADRAT Berlin.
  • 07.02.2020 – 09.08.2020 JETZT! Junge Malerei in Deutschland - Deichtorhallen Hamburg & Sammlung Falckenberg.



  • Moritz Schleime: Olémine / Trashers, Greg Lindquist, Clemens Meyer, Moritz Schleime, Andreas Wendt, Leipzig 2015.
  • Moritz Schleime: Early Birds, Städtisches Museum Engen, Marc Gröszer, Engen 2011.






  • Copenhagen – Jens-Peter Brask Collection



  • Mikki and Stenley Weithorn Collection