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David Hockney is a well-known British painter, graphic artist, photographer and set designer. He is now considered one of the most influential British painters of the 20th century and was a pioneer of Pop Art. The artist is known for his motifs of deep blue swimming pools, Californian suburban landscapes, ground-level houses and his numerous (self-)portraits.

  • Born: July 9, 1937
  • Place of birth: Bradford, UK
  • Nationality: British
  • Studied at: Bradford College of Art; Royal College of Art, London
  • Teachers: Francis Bacon, Peter Blake
  • Similar artists: Andy WarholRobert Rauschenberg, Alex Katz, Julian Opie
  • Era: Contemporary art
  • Stylistic direction: modern painting, Pop art


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David Hockney, born July 9, 1937 in Bradford, England, is a renowned British artist of the 20th and 21st centuries. He is considered one of the most influential representatives of the Pop Art movement and is known for his colorful paintings, drawings, photographs and collages.

Hockney studied at the Royal College of Art in London and quickly gained international recognition. In the 1960s, he moved to Los Angeles, where he was inspired by the California landscape and created iconic works such as "A Bigger Splash" (1967). His works are often characterized by bright colors, clean lines, a strong emphasis on shapes, and a playful depiction of perspective. In addition, he also experimented with photography and is considered one of the pioneers of photo collage. In recent years, he has increasingly turned to digital art, often working with digital iPad drawings.

His work has been exhibited in numerous prestigious galleries and museums around the world and has been recognized with numerous awards and honors. In 2008, he established the David Hockney Foundation in the US and UK. The foundation now owns over 8000 works by the artist.



  • 16.07.2023 – 22.10.2023 The Art of Food – Asheville Art Museum, Asheville.
  • 15.07.2023 – 05.11.2023 DAVID HOCKNEY – Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOZT).
  • 15.07.2023 – 05.11.2023 MOT Collection: Membrane of the Time – Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.
  • 29.07.2023 – 08.08.2023 Life in Pictures. A portrait of seeing for Rudolf Zwirner – PalaisPopulaire, Berlin.
  • 20.04.2023 – 28.01.2024 No Feeling Is Final. The Skopje Solidarity Collection – Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna.
  • 18.02.2022 – 18.02.2024 something new, something old, something desired – Hamburger Kunsthalle.
  • 18.12.2021 – 21.08.2022 David Hockney - People, Places & Things - Walker Art Center, Minneapolis.
  • 21.02.2021 – 20.06.2021 Hockney-Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature - Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.



  • 1962: Life Drawing Prize des Royal College of Art
  • 1967: John Moores Painting Prize
  • 1981: American Academy of Arts and Letters
  • 1991: Royal Academy of Arts
  • 1997: American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • 1997: Order of the Companions of Honour 
  • 1997: Kulturpreis der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Photographie
  • 2012: Royal Academician Order of Merit



  • A Bigger Splash, semi-documentary film with fictional scenes, Jack Hazan, 105 min, UK 1973.
  • Hockney at the Tate, Documentary, Alan Benson, 52 min, 1988.
  • David Hockney. Joiner Photographs, Documentary, Don Featherstone, 50 Min, 2012.
  • David Hockney. Pleasures of the Eye, Gero von Boehm, 55 min, 2012.
  • Hockney, Documentary, Randall Wright, 112 Min, UK 2014.
  • David Hockey at the Royal Academy of Arts, Documentary, Phil Grabsky, 85 min, 2017.



  • David Hockney. A Yaear in Normandie, David Hockney, Cécile Debray, Marco Livingstone, C. Sylvia Weber, Künzelsau 2023.
  • Geheimes Wissen. Verlorene Techniken der Alten Meister wiederentdeckt von David Hockney, David Hockney, Rita Seuß, Bernadette Ott, Darmstadt 2023.
  • David Hockney – insights. Reflecting the Tate Collection, Ingried Brugger, Bettina M. Busse, Veronika Rudorfer, Berlin 2022.
  • David Hockney. Moving Focus, Kunstmuseum Luzern, Helen Little, Berlin 2021.
  • David Hockney. A Chronology, Hans Werner Holzwarth, Cologne 2020.