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Basic Data

Mel Ramos is an American artist who is a known representative of pop art. Born in Sacramento in 1935 he witnessed the rapid change that consumerism bought to the American society. He studied at Sacramento State College where he devolped a unique figurative style. Mel Ramos is associated with the Bay Area Figurative School. He has held different positions at American universities such as California State Univeristy.

  • Born: 24. July 1935
  • Place of birth: Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Nationality: American 
  • Studied at: Sacramento State College
  • Similar artists: Jim DineRoy Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana
  • Era: contemporary art
  • Stylistic direction: pop art, figurative art

Mel Ramos artworks and editions were subject to many exhibitions in the United States and Europe, particularly Germany and Austria.