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Basic Data

Piero Dorazio was a well-known Italian painter who is considered an important pioneer of abstraction. Today he is one of the leading artists of Concrete art.

  • Date of Birth: 29 June 1927
  • Birthplace: Rome, Italy
  • Day of Death: 17 May 2005
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Studies: Architecture in Rome
  • Style: Abstract Art, Architecture

Over the course of his career, Dorazio developed an abstract visual language that showed influences of Expressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism. In his energetic paintings, the artist creates strictly ordered, geometric compositions that coalesce into constructivist-like structures, exploring the phenomena of color and light. 

Piero Dorazio prices

Artist: Title: Price: Type: Size: Edition: Handsigned: Numbered: Date:
Piero Dorazio Trigon 790 Euro Original print 27.7 x 19.9 in limited edition of 100  yes yes 03.12.2019
Piero Dorazio Wassili 990 Euro Original print 67 x 95.5 cm limited edition of 25 yes yes 03.12.2019
Piero Dorazio Genzano 1350 Euro Original print 22.4 x 29.9 in limited edition of 75 yes yes 03.12.2019
Piero Dorazio Luceombra 1590 Euro Original print 29.5 x 21.3 in limited edition of 135 yes yes 03.12.2019
Piero Dorazio Contrario 1.600 Euro Original print 16.1 x 22.8 in limited edition of 105 yes yes 03.12.2019
Piero Dorazio Arboisier 1050 Euro Original print 19.7 x 25.6 in limited edition of 130 yes yes 03.12.2019
Piero Dorazio La Ribambelle des Gobelins II 1200 Euro Original print 35.6 x 29.1 in limited edition of 25 yes yes 03.12.2019
Piero Dorazio La Ribambelle des Gobelins IV 1200 Euro Original print 35.6 x 29.1 in limited edition of 25 yes yes 03.12.2019
Piero Dorazio Komposition 690 Euro Original print 21.2 x 29.1 in limited edition of 100 yes yes 10.02.2022




Childhood and studies

Piero Dorazio was born on June 29, 1927 in Rome. His interest in art arose very early. At a young age he already finished several drawings and paintings.

From 1945 on, he studied Architecture in Rome. Two years later he received a scholarship at École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris. In France he dealt with the local modern artists. In 1948 he moved back to Italy, yet he interrupted his studies and started to be an artist. Already in 1946 he had more to do with art than architecture and was part of the group “Arte Sociale”, which tried to establish a modern, abstract and free art in Italy. After his termination of studies, Dorazio worked mainly as an author, whose main theme was the everyday art scene.

In 1949 he travelled to Austria and Germany. There he met a lot of artists among others Rupprecht Geiger. As a follower of the avant-garde art, he founded the Gallery Age d'Or in 1950 in Florence. In 1952 the Fondazione Origine followed. These two platforms aimed to help contemporary artists to display their art and to exchange ideas with other artists and art enthusiasts. International artists were shown in Rome and Florence, to give the Italian artists insights in various art spaces. In the same year Dorazio participated in the Venice Biennale. A little later he spent a year in the United States and met famous artists such as Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman. Dorazio dealt with several theories, including that of Kandinsky about intangible structures. Back in Italy he worked on numerous works. In 1959 he participated in the documenta Kassel 2 and 3 and in 1961 he was awarded the Prix Kandinsky.


Teaching activity and subsequent life

In the early 1960s he was appointed to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. There he founded in 1963 the Institute of Contemporary Art. A little later, between 1968 and 1970 he became professor. In the middle of the 1970s, he travelled frequently, inter alia to Greece and the Middle East. After his stay in the USA, he returned to Italy and moved into the former convent of Todi in Umbria.

There he worked on numerous of his works. On May 17, 2005, the artist died in Perugia. Today, his artistic works are to be found in numerous international institutions.



Current exhibitions

  • 29.01.2023 – 18.03.2023 Who's Afraid of...? / Farbe in der modernen Kunst bis heute – Galerie Schlichtenmaier, SCHLOSS DÄTZINGEN.


Past exhibitions

  • 2021 Sammlung König-Lebschik - Kunsthaus Bregenz
  • 2020 On the Edge – A arte Invernizzi, Milan.
  • 2019 Platons Erben – Die Sammlungen im Kunstmuseum Bayreuth - Kunstmuseum Bayreuth.
  • 2017 "KINDERSTERN" - Galerie Boisserée, Cologne.
  • 2017 ARTA CONCRETA GEOMETRICA - Muzeul Tarii Crisurilor, Oradea.
  • 2017 COLOURS. The emotion of art - Castello di Rivoli, Turin.
  • 2016 Kunst in Europa 1945–1968 - ZKM | Karlsruhe.
  • 2016 Verknüpft. Haleh Redjaian und die Sammlung - Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt.
  • 2015 Rendezvous der Länder - Museum im Kulturspeicher, Würzburg.
  • 2014 ZERO in Vibration – Vibration in ZERO - Moeller Fine Art, New York City.
  • 2013 30 Jahre Sammlung Grauwinkel - Vasarely Museum Budapest.
  • 2013 POSTWAR. ITALIAN PROTAGONISTS - Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice.
  • 2012 Im Netzwerk der Moderne - Will Grohmann - Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.
  • 2012 In Astratto: Abstraction in Italy 1930-1980 - Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, London.
  • 2011 Drawing and its Double - The Drawing Center, New York City.
  • 2009 Die Gegenwart der Linie - Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich.




  • 1997: Michelangelo Prize of the Accademia die Virtuosi del Pantheon.
  • 1990: Alcide de Gasperi Prize for science and art.
  • 1986: Prize of the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca.
  • 1961: Kandinsky Prize, Paris.



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