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Piero Dorazio is one of the most famous Italian artists of abstract painting of the 21st century. With his analyses and experiments on the subject of color he was the pioneer of abstract art in Italy. He was in contact with artists like Rupprecht Geiger and Yves Klein.

Dorazios work is marked by different patterns. Several personalities of modern painting such as Kasimir Malewitsch had an influence on the Italian artist. He was considered a pioneer of abstract painting in Italy and was fascinated by the art of the Constructivists. Besides paintings he also worked with materials such as aluminium and wood and he was also a set designer.

At the beginning of the 1960s he made his first paintings, which were composed of colorful ribbons. Dorazios typical lattice structures emanated from these first paintings. They developed to his main theme and consisted of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines which were merged in different colors. Often they overlapped and superimposed. Mostly they also occurred in parallel structures in his paintings. Dorazio was oriented himself primarily on the concrete painting of the European art scene in the 21st century. With his artworks and editions he explored colors, light and shadow. He was interested in the single effects of the individual components. He aimed to represent color as an independent work and wanted to analyse this precisely. To implement this, he used primary, secondary and complementary colors.

In the early 1970s he intensified the work with paint and painted more extremely than previously. The artworks and paintings became larger and more powerful surfaces were taken with its overlapping color images. He restricted colors and gave them new space to arrange themselves on the canvas. From 1974, his art led him back to his old structure and smaller works. He rhythmically ordered his artworks through the composition and was a major representative of the Italian color interior design.

Dorazio was in Italy the intermediary of color. He dedicated his work to the unique selling point of color and removed any objects from his art. His artworks are to be found internationally and even after his death, he has held the reputation as Italy’s pioneer of concrete painting.

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