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Christopher Lehmpfuhl is a German contemporary artist. Inspired by the plein air painting of impressionism, Lehmpfuhl creates his oil paintings directly in the open air. He is best known for his color-heavy cityscapes and natural landscapes, in which a special emphasis is placed on the depiction of weather and light conditions.

  • Born: 1972
  • Place of birth: Berlin, Germany
  • Nationality: German
  • Studied at: Berlin University of the Arts
  • Teachers: Klaus Fußmann
  • Era: Contemporary art
  • Stylistic direction: plein-air painting


The contemporary painter Christopher Lehmpfuhl was born in Berlin in 1972. He studied painting with Klaus Fußmann at the Hochschule der Künste. Since 1996, Lehmpfuhl has worked as a freelance artist.

Christopher Lehmpfuhl's landscape paintings are characterized by their intensity and directness. He often paints outdoors in front of the subject and in various weather conditions, which lends his paintings a special energy and dynamism. His technique of painting with his hands allows him to have direct interaction with the paint and canvas, creating impressive textures and layering. He is particularly known for his cityscapes of Berlin, capturing the constant change and dynamism of the city.

With his vibrant plein air painting, Lehmpfuhl has established himself as an outstanding contemporary landscape painter in Germany. His works have been featured in numerous exhibitions and are part of many private and public collections.



  • 26.05.2023 – 18.06.2023 Kunst schaffen 2023 – Robbe & Berking Museum, Flensburg.
  • 09.12.2022 – 29.10.2023 Zwischen Pathos und Pastos – Forum Würth, Arlesheim.
  • 08.02.2020 – 06.09.2020 SIGHT SEEING. Die Welt als Attraktion - Kunsthalle Emden.
  • 28.01.2021 – 30.01.2022 Pathos – Christopher Lehmpfuhl en la Colección Würth - Würth Museo La Rioja, Agoncillo.
  • 16.09.2017 – 04.02.2018 Auf unbekanntem Terrain. Landschaft in der Kunst nach 1945 - Museum für Aktuelle Kunst - Sammlung Hurrle, Durbach.



  • 2019 Wolfgang Klähn Price; Audience Award to the North German Realists at NordArt
  • 2018 Art Award of the Schleswig-Holstein State Museums, Schloss Gottorf
  • 2013 Art Award of the Schleswig-Holstein Economy to the North German Realists
  • 2011 Art Award of the Cultural Foundation of the Sparkasse Karlsruhe
  • 2006 Art Award of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts
  • 2001 Art Award„Salzburg in neuen Ansichten“, Schloss Neuhaus, Salzburg
  • 2000 Franz-Joseph-Spiegler Prize, Schloss Mochental, Ehingen
  • 1998 Art Award of GASAG



  • Christopher Lehmpfuhl - Lichter einer Grossstadt, Steffen Urbanski, Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Erika Maxim-Lehmpfuhl, Zug 2022.
  • Christopher Lehmpfuhl. Farbrausch, Ingo Borges, Carsten Fleischhauer, Petersberg 2021.
  • Meerumschlungen. Christopher Lehmpfuhl in Schleswig-Holstein, Dr. Dietrich Schulz-Kunststiftung und der Stiftung Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen Schloss Gottorf, Rendsburg 2021.
  • Christopher Lehmpfuhl. Von der Stadt in die Berge, Erika Maxim-Lehmpfuhl, Sibilla Panzeri, Markus Rück, Anke Brack, Basle 2019.