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Basic Data

Enzo Cucchi is a well-known Italian painter, object artist and stage designer. He became known through the artist group 'Transavanguardia', which gave painting an archaic-emotional visual language in the 1970s and 1980s. Cucchi often uses irregular or oversized picture formats, integrates found objects into his artworks and pursues an expressive painting style with recurring symbols and motifs.

  • Date of Birth: November 14, 1949
  • Birthplace: Morro d'Alba, Italy
  • Nationality: Italian, Italian Art
  • Era: Contemporary Art
  • Style: Neo-expressionism, Surrealism


Contemporary painter and object artist Enzo Cucchi was born in 1949 in Morro d'Alba of the province of Ancona in Italy. His early work as an assistant to a book and picture restorer in Florence awakened his interest in art. Self-taught, Cucchi taught himself various painting techniques.

Enzo Cucchi is known for his expressive paintings, which often have large dimensions and contain both abstract and figurative elements. His works are characterized by dynamic brushwork, intense colors and a combination of symbolism and narration.

A member of the "Transavanguardia" movement, which also includes artists such as Mimmo Paladino, Sandro Chia, and Francesco Clemente, Cucchi is characterized by a return to figurative art and an emphasis on the emotional, which represented a departure from the conceptual and minimalist approaches of the 1960s and 70s. 

Enzo Cucchi's works have been presented in prestigious museums and galleries worldwide. Today the artist lives and works in Rome and Ancona.



  • 25.06.21 - 09.01.22 A.b.o. Theatron. Art Or Life - Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporamea, Turin. 
  • 17.10.19 - 08.05.20 on the spiritual matter of art - MAXXI Rome.
  • 17.07.18 - 14.10.18 BRIC-à-brac - The Jumble of Growth - La Galleria Nazionale, Rome °.
  • 17.03.18 - 19.08.18 CHALLENGING BEAUTY—Insights into Italian Contemporary Art - Parkview Museum, Singapore.
  • 17.06.15 - 04.10.15 Don’t Shoot the Painter: Paintings from the UBS Art Collection - GAM Galleria d´Arte Moderna, Milan.
  • 09.09.14 - 25.10.14 Enzo Cucchi & Tristano di Robilant - National Exemplar, New York City.
  • 07.05.14 - 27.06.14 Enzo Cucchi - FL Gallery, Milan.