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Are you interested in the artworks and editions of the German artist Jörg Immendorff and do you want to know more about his artistic vision? Besides Jörg Immendorffs’ artworks and editions you can buy a selection of hand-signed, limited graphics and editions. We would like to give you a brief insight into the artistic work and production of Jörg Immendorff. During his lifetime he worked as a graphic designer, painter, performance artist, sculptor and stage designer. In his artistic work he dealt primarily with political and historical topics about his home country Germany. As one of the most popular German post-war artists, Immendorff had the urge to provoke and be distinguished from other artists. His politically critical art made him famous worldwide. He wanted to create art that meddled into present day events. Above all, his artworks and editions tried to blur the barrier between art and politics. His strikingly expressive art functioned as a political medium and a messenger of change, for instance during the German East-West-conflict.

A surrealistic, objective and figurative character always affects Immendorffs artworks and editions. As a student of Joseph Beuys, Immendorff learned fast to act and paint unconventionally and he found in Beuys a kind of life mentor. Beuys was a role model and helped Immendorff to explore art. He was also displayed in numerous artworks and editions of Immendorff, partly portrayed and partly shown ironically. Immendorff made in his complete works numerous graphic reproductions, which he implemented with a variety of techniques such as serigraphy, linocuts, lithography, offset printing and xylography. Large-sized canvases dominated his complete artwork. Accordingly, he created one of his most important cycles of painting, his Café Deutschland, which consists of 19 large formats and was painted with oil on canvas. Based on the series of paintings, Immendorff questioned the socio-political status of the German partition. During that time, he exchanged notes with the befriended artist A.R. Penck, who hailed from the GDR. Together they discussed and debated the German question and reflected about the German unification in their artworks. Alongside the work with oil, Immendorff dealt with other techniques like watercolour and gouache. He was always bothered to exploit the whole artistic spectrum, which is why he created numerous sculptures. Among other things, he often depicted the design of a monkey as a recurring symbol of ingenuity and simplicity of controlled drives of people.

After he was diagnosed with ALS, Jörg Immendorff devoted himself to the continuation of his art. However, issues like death and mortality were added to his complete work. The new motives in his work helped him to cope with his sickness. Immendorff allowed his viewers to be a part of his fight against his disease, in which his art changed with the progression. His artistic works became silent and symbolic. Immendorffs graphic editions have been signed, named and limited by him. Because of his progressive disease his mobility was increasingly restricted. At the beginning he had to sign his artworks and editions with a stamp, later he signed them with a pattern. To continue with his art, Immendorff received support from young students and assistants to create his exact vision of art. Immendorffs editions ranged from two-digit and three-digit runs. Usually the numbering and the note of registration are found on the left-hand bottom, whereas the signature is usually placed on the right-hand side under the motive. Other than this, large-sized graphics, editions and test prints only comprise about a few single exemplars per edition. If you are interested in acquiring artworks and editions of Jörg Immendorff, we remain at your disposal for any further information.

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