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Andy Warhol’s paintings, artworks and editons rate among the most popular artworks of modern age. In his artistic works, he deals with pop culture, the accompanying cult of persons of the public life and neverending consumption as one of the first artists. By use of serigraphs, he follows this availability of goods through the serial production of his artworks. The fascination for serial production, on which the consumer society relies, is also represented in his artworks and editions by combining the same motif in different colours to complete works.

Similar to Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol’s paintings, artworks and art editions reflect the intense analysis of contemporary topics like mass media, serial production, and consumer society. The flatness of paint application that is typical for Pop-Art and caused by the technical procedure of serigraphs is iconic for Andy Warhol’s paintings. His motives are products of trivial culture and show spectrum of the American consumer society ranging from dollar notes and Campbell’s soup bowls to the then icons. The high level of receptions of Andy Warhol’s paintings in trivial culture seem like an ironic meta-plane that does not exist in this form a second time.

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