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Sven Drühl is a German artist known for his surreal and hyper-realistic landscape paintings. Drühl has a background in art history and archaeology, which is reflected in his artistic work. His artworks and editions feature a combination of realistic and abstract elements, exploring themes of landscape, nature and architecture. A characteristic technique of Drühl is the superimposition of images, in which he interweaves different motifs. This creates complex and multi-layered compositions that make the viewer think. His works are often imbued with a mysterious atmosphere and create a tension between reality and fiction. Drühl finds inspiration for his paintings not only in the romantic landscape paintings of a Caspar David Friedrich, but also in the digital image worlds of our present day, as his more recent works demonstrate. The titles of the paintings can be traced back to the initials of the artists from whose works he quotes.

The artist

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