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Via Lewandowsky is a German contemporary artist from Dresden. Lewandowsky studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he appeared in the 1980s with subversive performances together with the avant-garde group "Autoperforationsartisten". Shortly after reunification, the artist moved to West Berlin and traveled to many international cities.

Via Lewandowsky does not limit his artistic work to a fixed form, but works in a multimedia way with installation, photography, painting, drawing and sound art elements. In addition to this visual diversity in terms of content, the diversity of his art is also expressed through the choice of subject matter for his works: subtle and at the same time humorous, he questions the conditions of our perception. Guided by scientific interest, he concentrates on the supernatural and the inexplicable and overcomes the limits of the representable through realistic-looking deceptive effects. The artist detaches things from their actual functions, deconstructs, reshapes and deals with the processual in his artworks and editions. The superimpositions of levels of meaning that emerge manage to amuse and shock the viewer at the same time.

Via Lewandosky has received numerous prestigious awards for his art. Today the artist lives and works in Berlin.

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