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As a painter, contemporary artist Bernd Zimmer has devoted himself for more than four decades to the central theme of a largely untouched nature that has hardly been influenced by man. His motifs include landscapes, weather phenomena, vegetation, the night sky and water. However, he does not strive to depict these motifs as accurately as possible, but to bring them into a free pictorial form in the autonomous painting process. The painting style of Bernd Zimmer is characterized by an expressive and abstract style. He uses strong colors, dynamic brushstrokes and striking shapes to achieve an energetic and emotional effect. Zimmer enjoys experimenting with different techniques and materials to add depth and texture to his works. His paintings and works are characterized by a certain informality and spontaneity, often drawing on abstract forms and gestural elements. Zimmer works with layers and superimpositions to create a multilayered and complex pictorial structure. Another characteristic feature of his painting style is the emphasis on color. Zimmer uses bright and contrasting colors to create a strong visual impact. Through the skillful use of light and shadow, he creates a dynamic atmosphere in his works.

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