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Joanne Greenbaum is an American artist and sculptor. Born in New York City in 1953, Greenbaum graduated from Bard College in 1975. Her artworks range from paintings, drawings, sculptures to ceramics and graphics.

In a process-like and gestural color application of blazing, shrill colors, Joanne Greenbaum creates geometric and organic-like compositions. Her works ranges between an apparent regularity of constructive frameworks and an impulsive exploration of color. In her artworks and editions, shapes and colors are overlaping, layering, repeating themselves and interpenetrating with diverse techniques of painting, creating deep-dimensional, complex connections on the canvas.
Greenbaum's artworks and editions consist of elements of cubism, abstract expressionism and color field painting. Even comic and street art can be a source of inspiration for her.

For the young generation of American abstract artists, Greenbaum is a pioneer in the field of abstract painting. She has exhibited her artworks and edition in numerous exhibitions located in America and Europe over the last 20 years. Joanne Greenbaum still has strong influence on the New York art scene.

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