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The internationally renowned American artist Tauba Auerbach was born in San Francisco in 1891 and studied Visual Art at Stanford University. In creating her work, she utilises various media, such as paintings, photography, sculptures and letterpress.

On the one hand, her artworks and editions are characterised by sources of inspiration that are often far removed from art. She uses these as the foundation for abstract and minimalist compositions. She devoted herself to linguistics in her first solo exhibition titled ‘How to Spell the Alphabet’, in which she transcribed an understanding of language into abstract works. Later on, she used mathematical and physical formulas as models for her artwork. In her works, the artist also attempts to establish a connection between abstraction, conceptual art and graphic art, pushing the boundaries of visual and spatial perception.

These days Auerbach lives and works in New York. Her artworks are shown in numerous international exhibition and enjoy a permanent place in the contemporary world of art.

The artist

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