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Angela Bulloch is a famous contemporary artist from Canada. Before Bulloch held a visiting professorship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, she studied at the renowned Goldsmith College in London. In 1997, the Canadian artist, who works with sculptures, projections and installations, was one of the nominees for the Turner Prize. Today the artist lives and works in Berlin and London.

Angela Bulloch creates multidisciplinary installations that result from a combination of light, sound, text, video and object. In her artworks and editions, Bulloch explores ways in which social and societal systems of rules function. She is best known for her multi-colored pixel boxes. The pixel, as the smallest unit of representation of a screen image, takes the form of illuminated multicolored light boxes in her works. These elements, which can be combined in a highly variable manner, allow for an aesthetic unity that nevertheless remains highly modifiable in its statement.

Bulloch belongs to the ranks of the "Young British Artists". Her artworks and editions are represented in numerous collections and museums around the world.

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