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Horst Janssen was a gifted German drawer and graphic artist. He implemented his diverse subjects, ranging from studies of nature to erotic snapshots and portraits, in the most various graphic techniques. His main focus, however, was on etchings. Horst Janssen’s painting and artworks are characterised by a haunting imagery that often radiates a – partly morbid - atmosphere of dark sarcasm. His graphic skills combined with his creativity make him an important representative for graphics, lithographs and etchings of the 20th century.

During his artistic development, parallels are drawn between Horst Janssen’s grafics and other German artists’ artworks, such as Egon Schierle, whose master’s class he attended.His genius went along with his egocentric personality. His art, however, gained him great respect. Two years before his death, he became a honorary citizen of his birthplace Oldenburg, where a museum has been set up for him.

The artist

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