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Bernd Becher and Hilla Becher were an internationally renowned artist couple from Germany, best known for their black-and-white photographs of industrial buildings and half-timbered houses.

In the late 1970s, the couple founded the Düsseldorf School of Photography, also called the "Becher Class," which produced famous artists such as Andreas Gursky, Candida Höfer, and Thomas Ruff.
Since the early 1960s, the artist couple had been systematically building up a photographic archive of industrial buildings and other architectural relics, such as factory halls, silos, gasometers, or even water towers and blast furnaces. They photographed these objects in an emphatically matter-of-fact manner with large-format cameras from an elevated vantage point and presented the images in typological tableaus or series.

Bernd and Hilla Becher's artworks and editions are classified as serial conceptual art in the sense of New Objectivity. Their works are characterized by their unmistakable aesthetic, which always strives for complete neutrality of representation and have influenced an entire generation of photographers after them. In addition to several exhibitions at Documenta in Kassel, their artworks are represented in prestigious international museums and numerous private and public collections of the national and international space.

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