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Born in Michelstadt in 1944, Rebecca Horn is a sculptor, filmmaker and action artist who is now one of the most important German artists on the international art scene. The spectrum of her artistic media is diverse. Her work includes body-centered installations and performances as well as kinetic objects, texts, film, and drawings. Today, the artist lives and works in Bad Königszell, Berlin and New York City and among other places.

In addition to body sculptures, Horn creates performances through which she explores spatial experience and poetic mediation of physical and psychological states of enclosure. "There are only participants" the artist explains. Her interest focuses on the interaction of space and viewer, between object and actor. Thus, the artist made prosthetic-like objects and masks worn on the body and emphasizing certain extremities.

Increasingly, Rebecca Horn creates kinetic sculptures that move randomly and aimlessly. She couples her objects to construction and mechanics, breathing life into them. These include works such as the moving fan "Pfauenmaschine'' (Peacock Machine) from 1979 or the storytelling "Schildkrötenufzerbaum'' (Turtle Sigh Tree) from 1994, as well as videos or films in which the artist explores media-specific interweavings and properties.

Rebecca Horn has been honored with numerous awards for her extensive artistic work. In 2017, for example, she became the first woman to receive the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Prize, one of the most important international awards for sculpture. Her artworks and editions have been shown in countless solo and group exhibitions and are represented in many renowned collections.

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