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Eberhard Havekost was a contemporary artist from Germany. Born in Dresden, he studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, where he was a master student of Ralf Kerbach from 1997. Since 2010 Havekost held a professorship at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. Until his death, the artist lived and worked in Berlin.

Havekost's artworks and editions are composed of representational works, but also abstractions. In them, the painter not only addressed the digital media and their effects of a seemingly endless production of images, but also discussed the achievements of digital image processing. Thus, found and own photographs were mostly the starting point of his works. These were first digitally processed by the painter before he continued to use them as templates.

Havekost's artworks and editions usually make references to popular culture. The main component of his work is the creative process itself. The narrative depicted, if it exists, is of secondary importance. His focus is on negotiating habits of seeing and the truthfulness of images in general.

Havekost is today considered one of the most important German artists of his generation. His works are represented in numerous international museums and collections.

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