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The German artist Claudia Wieser is an important representative of contemporary geometric abstraction. In 1997 Wieser completed an apprenticeship as a goldsmith in the Bergmeister Kunstschmiede. In 2004 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich taught by Axel Kasseböhmer and Markus Oehlen.

The artist works with various media such as paintings, works on paper, sculptures, wall installations and tapestries, hand-painted tiles, mirrors or reflective metal objects. Wieser is famous for her reinterpretation of the exhibition space as well as her modernistically inspired, geometric compositions. Wieser's artistic language consists of a vocabulary of reduced, geometric and multicolored forms. In her artworks and editions, each element contributes to an inner balance, and through interaction then results in harmony. Characteristic of Wieser's expressive language are her interesting combinations of photography and sculptures with illustrations of contemporary art or design. For example, she uses digital graphics to juxtapose black and white photographs of antique jams or details from Renaissance paintings and combine it with her own images and installations. In this combination of old and new, the artist appropriates the ready made footage and creates a new whole. Furthermore, since her early work Wieser began to integrate gold leaf. She uses it in her drawings or in her hand-glazed ceramic tiles. It is the visual quality of the material that appeals to the artist: gold reflects the light of its surroundings and, depending on the position of the observer, changes its tone, the artist explains.

It is a precise, compositional balance that Wieser spans with her sense of aesthetics through her works. With playful ease and in perfect proportion, the artist creates harmonious melodies of shapes, colors and different materials, which are characterized by a meditative beauty. In her artworks and editions numerous art historical influences and references can be found: influenced not only by craftsmanship and architecture, but also by the works of Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee. Wieser was also inspired by the abstract precision and the rhythmically balanced arrangements of the Bauhaus era.

As an internationally recognized artist, Claudia Wieser's artworks and editions have already been exhibited at numerous international solo exhibitions.

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