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Stefan Wewerka was an architect, designer and artist born in 1928 in Magdeburg as son of the sculptor Rudolf Wewerka. He taught and worked in all areas of design and visual arts.

After the Second World War, Stefan Wewerka studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin where he was taught by Max Taut, Eduard Ludwig and Georg Leowald. After his studies Stefan Wewerka worked in the architecture office of Hans Scharoun. From the late 1950s, he increasingly began to work as a freelance artist. This is how his Erdarchitekturen as well as his conversions of chairs and other everyday objects arose. This is followed by numerous portfolio and paper works. At the same time he remained true to his profession as a designer and collaborated with the company TECTA from the late 1970s, for which he designed custom furniture, including the Tripod B1 which is produced to this day. In addition to his artistic work, Stefan Wewerka was also a writer, set designer and fashion designer and worked at the Washington University and at the Kölner Werkschulen as a teacher.

In addition to Stefan Wewerka’s artworks and editions, it has been his chair sculptures in particular, through which the artist came to great prominence. In deconstructive style Stefan Wewerka dissected found objects and then rearranged them in a distorted, shifted form. In his incomparable combination of design and art, however, Wewerka's extensive oeuvre eludes any classification.

On September 14, 2013, the architect and artist died in Berlin.

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