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Bill Jacobson is an American photographer from Connecticut. Jacobson studied photography at the San Francisco Art Institute. He is known for his photographs as well as his monochrome paintings. The artist lives and works in New York.

While the softly drawn black and white portrait photographs of his early creative period were a reaction to the AIDS epidemic, the artist later switched to color and tried to capture the hustle and bustle of New York in his artworks and editions. Bill Jacobson's works are characterized primarily by their intentional blurriness, which lends the images a diffuse atmosphere. His works do not decipher themselves directly upon viewing, remain ambiguous, or seem to completely elude the viewer's desire. The latter is able to perceive landscapes or human figures that disappear in light or dark shrouds of mist. His photographs communicate emotionally in the viewer by evoking associations of memories and feelings.

Jacobson has participated in a variety of exhibitions in Europe and the United States. His images and works are represented in the most prestigious art collections and museums.

The artist

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