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Eduardo Chillida is celebrated alongside Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro as one of the most important Spanish sculptors. Chillida's artworks and editions, in their rough sublimity, are always to be understood in connection with his strong sense of home in the Basque country in northern Spain. At the same time, his sculptures negotiate the perception of spatiality. By inserting his massive metal constructions, he makes the empty spaces in between visible in a completely new way. He himself described the effect of his art on the surrounding space as the creation of a vacuum.

Eduardo Chillida is known and recognized worldwide especially for his sculptures. Particularly present are his huge works in metal, which can be found in public spaces in many countries. Even government institutions, such as the Federal Chancellery in Berlin, are adorned with his works.

In addition to his monumental sculptures, Eduardo Chillida has created a large number of artworks and limited edition prints. We are pleased to offer you an albeit very limited selection of these rare works.

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