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Rafael Canogar is a contemporary artist from Spain. He often deals with political and socially critical themes and is considered a representative of abstract painting and expressionism.

In 1944, the artist, born in Toledo, moved to Madrid. Here he learned to paint and draw in the workshop of Daniel Vàzquez Dîaz. In the late 1950s Canogar founded, together with other artists, the group "El Paso", an art movement that contributed significantly to the modernization of the Spanish avant-garde.

From the public space, his large-scale sculptures are particularly well known. Rafael Canogar's artworks and editions oscillate between expressive, abstract and geometric representations, sometimes complemented by Pop Art elements. The combination of the familiar and the whimsical, as well as the absence of context, can create a sense of unease in the viewer.

The award-winning artist has been shown his works in countless solo and group exhibitions. In addition, Canogar's artworks and editions are present in countless museums and public collections worldwide.

The artist

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