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Günther Uecker is deemed one of the leading pioneers of kinetic art in Germany. Together with Heinz Mack and Otto Piene, Uecker is one of the founder members of the avant-garde group ZERO that wanted to establish an artistic new start through minimalist aesthetics in the 1960s. Especially his nailed reliefs and installations helped him to acquire great international renown.

Uecker is one of the first artists of post-war modernism who intensively dealt with the exploration of optical phenomena, series of structures and repetition, and who thus let the observer participate in the artistic process through manual intervention. By covering trivial everday objects or creating nailed artworks consisting of roofing nails nailed circularly on wood or embossed on canvas, Uecker has frequently used nails as his main design medium for his artworks since the late 1960s. Later, elemental phenomena such as light, sand, and water took up more and more space in Uecker's oeuvre.

As a multifaceted artist he was active in nearly every artistic genre ranging from painting, object art and installations to stage design and film and graphics. Especially the prayer room at the Reichstag building in Berlin that he finished in 2000 is known to a broad public.

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