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Anna Blume and Bernhard Johannes Blume are an artist couple who met during their studies at the State Academy of Art in Düsseldorf. Conceived as a joint work since 1985, they created large-scale photographs and installations. Together, the couple lived and worked in Cologne.

Anna and Bernhard Blume's artworks and editions are characterized by self-representations that critically explore the boundaries between photography, painting and performance. Together they have created an extensive body of photographic work characterized by a combination of motifs from everyday life as well as humorous references to art history. In their staged photographs, they do not intend to depict reality, but parody petty bourgeois everyday life with a great deal of irony, creating whimsically distorted visual worlds. In their later artworks and editions, the artist couple explored the possibilities of digital photography and took up work with constructivist sculptural elements.

Today, Anna and Bernhard Blume are among the pioneers of staged photography. Their images and works are internationally known and exhibited in numerous museums.

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