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Stefan Szczesny is a painter, sculptor and photographer from Germany. He became internationally known in the 1980s as a representative of the "Neue Wilde". In addition to painterly works, the artist's oeuvre also includes sculptures made of steel, glass or ceramics, as well as large-format murals. Today, Szczesny lives and works in Saint-Tropez.

In the 1960s Szczesny attended a private school for liberal and applied arts in his hometown of Munich. This was followed by studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and guest studies at the University of Munich, where he devoted himself to the subjects of art history and philosophy. During his studies, Szczesny also worked as an archaeological draftsman at the university and as a freelance art critic for a Munich newspaper. Scholarships in Paris and Rome as well as stays in New York or the South of France had a lasting influence on Szczesny's works.

The artist was significantly involved in the movement of the "Neue Wilden" (New Wild Ones), an art movement that discovered new expressive and figurative means of expression and pictorial inventions for itself and, with its carefree and life-affirming style, formed a counter-draft to the top-heavy art styles of the 1970s. Early on, the artist turned to an expressive figurativeness and played not only with forms and colors, but also with traditions and provocative innovations.

Formally as well as thematically, Szczesny's artworks and editions can be considered in the succession of Picasso or Chagall. The artist concentrates in his works on classical subjects such as the still life or the nude. It is above all the intense colorfulness in conjunction with sensual representationalism through clear lines that give his works the expression of energy, joie de vivre and lightness. Szczesny reevaluates sensuality and the desire for beauty and imagination in his paintings and works. In addition to his paintings, the artist can also boast an extensive and varied oeuvre of ceramic and glass works, photo overpaintings or art projects in public spaces. His paintings and works have been shown in well over 100 solo and group exhibitions in international museums and galleries.

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