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German contemporary artist Anselm Kiefer is known for his large-scale paintings and sculptures that explore themes of history, war, spirituality and humanity. His style is often considered somber and monumental, with a preference for rough, textured materials such as lead, straw, wood, earth, and even diamond dust. A key feature of Kiefer's work is his consistent engagement with the German past, and in particular with National Socialism. His works usually make references to historical figures, places and events and question the meaning of history and memory. At the same time, Kiefer is also known for his use of symbolism and metaphor. He draws references to literary works, mythological stories, and religious texts to imbue his artworks and editions with deeper meanings. In addition to his paintings, Kiefer has created large-scale installations and sculptures that further explore his investigations of history, myth, and human existence. Overall, Kiefer's style can be described as intense, powerful, and often somber, with a strong emphasis on texture and materiality.

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