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Wolfgang Tillmans is a multifaceted artist whose work focuses primarily on photography, but also includes installations, music, and social activism. His style is equally broad, with a notable transition from more documentary works in the 1990s to a more abstract approach in the 2000s. His images constantly question and push the boundaries of what is possible in photography, exploring the way we see and experience the world around us.
Early in his career, Tillmans was known for his photographs that captured the everyday, intimate moments of life and the subcultures of youth, particularly club culture. These artworks and editions are often characterized by a spontaneous, snapshot aesthetic that expresses authentic and unfiltered life. In his later work, Tillmans further explored the possibilities of photography and explored more abstract forms and subjects. These works are often more experimental, with an emphasis on color, light, and texture, and may depict landscapes, sky images, airplane wings, or photographic paper altered by light and chemicals.

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