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The Danish artist Peter Linde Busk studied painting in London, New York and Dusseldorf. Today commutes between the cities of London and Berlin.
Peter Linde Busk is primarily known as a portraitist of failed heroes based on myths, legends, pop culture, or icons. Kings, princes, harlequins and warriors are portrayed in doodle-like and hectic linear brushstrokes, placed in front of backgrounds that seem to engulf them. With begging, pleading facial expression like fear, depression or delusion they are looking directly at the beholder.

The notion of failure and disappointment is central to Busk's artworks and editions. He focuses on the basic conditions of human existence. Gloomy, melancholy elements can be found in his art but also humorous and liberating aspects. Peter Linde Busk creates his own museum of the fallen and gives them a face and voice.
Busk works as a graphic artist as well as a painter. His artistic handwriting is childlike and has influences of folk and outsider art. He creates large carnival-like collages mounted on canvas using a variety of unconventional materials and techniques.

Peter Linde Busk's artistic artworks and editions are exhibited throughout Europe.

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