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  • 02/05/2016 15:32:09

Dear visitors, art collectors and friends of contemporary art

After a long time of preparation, we are delighted to welcome you cordially to our newly opened online art gallery for contemporary art and editions. On our presence on the internet you will find a varying selection of outstanding artworks and strictly limited art editions of renowned artists of the contemporary and selected newcomers.

You can buy artworks and editions online easily, safely and comfortably at our gallery shop. All offered artworks are checked by us extensively, elaborately, and described in detail. We want to provide you the possibility to learn about all details and information on the different artworks that are relevant for purchase beforehand and to buy outstanding artworks and editions online with greatest confidence.

During the past 10 years in which we have been working in the field of art trade, we had to realise repeatedly that, besides personal preference with regard to own artistic taste, a detailed and comprehensive knowledge is necessary on the side of the customers, collectors and interested art buyers in order to evaluate artworks and editions appropriately, recognise quality, and simultaneously develop a sense for appropriate price levels.

Besides the extent of the art market with an offer that is hard to overlook, the reasons for this are diverse and are, among other things, due to information being distributed unevenly as well as a persistent level of non-transparency.

The concept of opening an own gallery shop whose primary aim is to detect outstanding artworks and special editions from the art market that is hard to overlook, to carry them together for you and to consequently offer artworks that are solely of highest artistic quality and are offered at fair market prices at the same time has enthused us for a long time. This circumstance combined with the technological options of the internet with regard to the presentation of contemporary art eventually led to the founding of ARTEDIO.

Therefore, we now start with the greatest passion and hope that our new online gallery concept also enthuses you. We wish you a lot of enjoyment, many interesting discoveries, and an inspiring time in our new online gallery shop.